"I have known Capt. David Landis for over 37 years. He is the consummate mariner and professional. He has a breadth of experience in operating all manner of vessels all over the world. He is a specialist in SE Alaska and is extremely knowledgeable in planning voyages of discovery and adventure in this amazing region of the world. He is blessed with the gift of blarney and has the ability to act as both captain and raconteur. Above all, Dave is a very decent and honorable man and a good friend."

- Capt. David C. Martin
Master Mariner

"I have had the pleasure of working with Captain David Landis on three vessel deliveries this year (2008) from the US east and west coasts that required transit through the Panama Canal. All vessels were delivered in superb condition, on or ahead of time, and within budget.

I experience Captain Landis to be fair, honest, and discerning; a patient mentor who has the respect of the crew. He is a gifted boat handler with a steady hand and a keen eye for changing conditions. I recommend him for any delivery or endeavor he wishes to pursue now and in the future."

- Charles Assimakopoulos
Director of Marine Services
Hornblower Cruises

I have known Dave Landis for well over 20 years while associated with the maritime industry. In those years I have directly observed that as a person he is gregarious, humorous and has the ability to communicate thoughts and ideas well. As a ship's Captain his leadership is straight forward leaving subordinates
with very little to be confused with. He strives to teach his crews the old style of the meaning of being a shipmate. In that you are good to each other, respect and protect your friends and defend your ship by being the best you can.

As a mariner he has the uncanny ability to predict the weather, avoid the worst of it and maintain a safe ship. He is a definite proponent of Bridge Resource Management and demands that his crew be on the same level of understanding with what that means and how it interacts with the safety of the ship. As a ship
handler I have directly observed him literally "dance" with ship maneuvering in tight quarters under very adverse conditions. This includes Mother Nature's tirades or mechanical problems. It is unbelievable the navigational skills this man has and his ability to remember hundreds of miles worth of "distance off" or miles to run figures that include Washington, British Columbia and Alaska inside waters. In addition, he has excellent local knowledge of the coastal waters and most ports from Alaska to Panama and Panama to New York including the Intracostal
Waterway. In summary, at any time I would sail with this individual.

LCDR T. Pray, (USCG Ret)
Master, Merchant Marine


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